The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×7 shows Huck’s past


In The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×7, a mysterious character has finally come back into focus. Huck was introduced in the first episode of the series, but has remained an unknown until now, as her distrust of the group itself has kept her apart until then.

However, it is in this week’s episode of the new The Walking Dead franchise that Huck stands out. The time has come for us to know more about his history, as well as his past, explaining the scar he bears on his face, and even his real name, which was purposely hidden from his group.

An episode full of revelations! Check the recap for the main highlights in The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×7.

More details of the 1×7 episode of World Beyond

We go back to the past, showing the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Before that, we see Huck accompanied by comrades in the navy and Drake, a soldier with whom he had a relationship. He has an evident scar, the result of a moment when he saved Huck herself and other countrymen during a battle.

When the attack itself begins and the group must intervene, Huck and his companions take a stand against the order to kill any civilians, even those who show no sign of infection. It is also in this part that we discover that Huck is actually called Jennifer Mallick.

Things peak when the navy comrades find a group and are forced to kill them. Seeing this, Huck turns off the ambient lights and murders his own companions as a way to keep innocent people alive.

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Of course, Drake sees this kind of behavior as betrayal to the Navy, but there is no room for much discussion, since Huck, or Jennifer, also kills him next. The emotional weight of having murdered her entire group of companions is a good reason for us to understand what led her to stay the way we know today.

Furthermore, even in the past, it is also shown that she herself is responsible for causing the scar on her face, but now it is possible to understand that this has a connection with Drake and the brand he carried.

With this recollection of the past, it is possible to understand that Huck maintains a strong protective sense due to the fact that he has seen so many companions die, and he obviously does not want this to be repeated. Will she be able to save them this time?

Only the next episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond can answer us!


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