The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×5


In The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×5, we continue to know more about the teen group. The chapter entitled “Madman Across the Water” delved into Elton’s story through some flashbacks that helped us understand a little more about the character’s traumas.

Follow the recap with the main events of this week’s episode!

A little discussion

The episode begins with Hope listening to a conversation between Felix and Huck in which he reveals that his goal is still to get the group of teenagers back to Campus Colony. Felix mentions that Elton is on his side in the goal. In fact, Elton only listened to Felix’s plan, without approving or disapproving the return to the group’s original home.

Hope doesn’t digest the information well and ends up freaking out and yelling at everyone. She gets mad at Felix and has support from Huck, defending the teenagers’ goal of moving forward.

Hope and Felix have a frank and open conversation in which Felix admits that it might be a good idea to track Leo and Will.

Building a boat

After the conflict was easily resolved, the central focus of all events in the episode revolved around the group’s need to build a boat to cross the Mississippi River, since all the access bridges to the other side of the river were destroyed, and the boats that met on the river were in poor condition.

The group gathers to build a boat using some parts found in an abandoned warehouse.

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