The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×4


In episode 1×4 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, we see the characters being forced to seek shelter in a school and face dangers because of this choice. In addition, the climax of the episode is due to a great discovery: perhaps the worst danger is, in fact, among themselves!

Follow the recap of this episode below and see more details about the latest events!

The search for food and bad luck

Upon arriving at school, Hope and Huck were tasked with searching for food. The idea was to look for food in the basement, but as they walk to get there, Huck has a feeling and wants to stop the action. And rightly so, as the pair is almost attacked by a ferocious dog that, in fact, was trying to protect its puppies.

Ufa! After going through this scare, the reward was to find enough food and be able to return safely to the group.

Meanwhile, Elton and Felix explore the place and find substances that serve to purify the rainwater they have collected. In these wanderings, Elton is confronted by not-so-happy memories of his childhood when he sees people dead inside the school lockers. Returning to the gym where Iris and Silas were, they make sure that they will need to go to the basement to leave the building.

Despite what happened, Iris and Silas flirt and dance for a brief moment until they are interrupted by an attack of dogs and zombies trying to enter the gym where they were. And it was close, see? When they tried to get out of this situation, they were locked up with the zombies and only thanks to Hope and Huck were they able to get rid of the attacks. But it was not that simple, Elton had to use a lot of violence to kill the zombies and, after being injured, he is convinced to return home.

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