The Walking Dead: What we suspected of Danai Gurira’s departure from the series


Most actors probably won’t pursue a role on The Walking Dead if they’re looking for long-term employment. Ironically, the show that has made it to 11 seasons provides an unstable work environment in which main characters tend to inevitably die.

There are only two characters left from the show’s first season (Carol and Daryl) because dueling threats from warring enemy factions and hordes of flesh-hungry zombies are not conducive to a long, happy, healthy life. Characters come and go each season on The Walking Dead, and those bloody departures often fall in line with what the comics dictate, or are sometimes conceived by the writers to move the plot forward.

Many fans of The Walking Dead would argue that the show went from good to great when Danai Gurira joined the cast in the second season as Michonne, a mysterious katana-wielding warrior, who evolved from wandering the wastelands with two chained walkers to leader. . of the main group of survivors of the show who started a family with Rick Grimes and his children.

But sadly, in 2019, Danai Gurira announced that she would be walking away from The Walking Dead after the show’s tenth season. The announcement of her fell like a bucket of cold water on the fans, who had already said goodbye to the main character Rick Grimes from Andrew Lincoln (something that no one would have imagined in the first seasons). And with Michonne grasping the spear of leadership, the news was important for the series.

“I can confirm that this is the last season that I will be on this amazing TV show as Michonne,” Gurira said.

“It’s not connected to my heart. My heart stays right here. It was about my calling and other things that I feel called to. The opportunities that I’ve had, exploring it as a job creator.”

And it’s not just her talking about her film work, which includes her role as Okoye in Black Panther, one of the biggest movies of all time. Danai Gurira seems to want to return to her other career, that of one of the most renowned playwrights in the United States. Her works include In the Continuum, winner of the OBIE Award, and Eclipsed, nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play.

The most recent news is that the character may possibly return to the saga in the movie trilogy, but it is not something that has been announced with total certainty, but what marks the hearts of many fans of The Walking Dead, who want to return to bringing Rick Grimes and Michonne together on screen (whether on television or on film).