The Walking Dead: This is the actor who was about to play Rick Grimes


Although The Walking Dead has not remained as popular as it was in its first seasons, this AMC zombie drama has become one of the most successful of its genre over the years, remember that since 2010 the recordings They have remained.

However, everything has its end, and as expected, The Walking Dead is also preparing to culminate. Recall that this series is based on the popular comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, which focuses on the survivors of an ongoing zombie apocalypse and their struggles to stay alive while being threatened not only by the undead but also by zombies. by gangs of survivors.

The first eight seasons focus on Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his family, however, after the character’s disappearance, the drama has taken a very different course than the comics, which is why many of the fans of this story they wonder how this story will really end.

Early in the ninth season, when actor Andrew Lincoln left the AMC show, the focus shifted to other long-surviving characters.

Although many find it hard to imagine what The Walking Dead would be like without Rick’s interpreter, Lincoln, originally this actor was not going to be the one to play the brave policeman, this was because the selection process for actors could be long and full of possibilities. . He was one of the Lost actors who almost took the place of Andrew Lincoln.

In the Lost series, it was the mysterious Jacob’s portrayer, Mark Pellegrino, who was once in the running to play Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. What is even surprising is that in the comic, the resemblance of this actor is quite similar. Although, it can really be said that Mark Pellegrino was not the only one who almost took the place of Andrew Lincoln.

Sweet Home Alabama’s Ethan Embry also auditioned for the role. Interestingly, Embry did eventually appear on The Walking Dead, albeit in a completely different role: Carter, a construction worker in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.