The Walking Dead: The theory that ensures the return of Michonne in season 11


For a few installments ago, fans of The Walking Dead have seen the departure of memorable characters like Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). However, with season 11 being the last of the zombie show, fans have been talking about her returning, especially her for the final moments of the installment for this reason.

Michonne’s whereabouts have long been one of the show’s great mysteries, most notably because of the last scene we saw of her in season 10 episode 13, when she heads north to a shipyard in New Jersey, where Rick had supposedly been taken. But, before she could get there, she saved two survivors from a zombie attack and joined them.

These two survivors were stragglers from a much larger group, and Michonne discovered that they were part of a massive caravan marching through the countryside. Showing viewers not hundreds, if not thousands, of people walking together towards an unknown destination. However, fans claim that she could have contact with these people and thus have knowledge about the RCM (Military Civic Republic).

Let’s remember that when Michonne left she didn’t know the details of Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) trading Rick with the RCM, but at the time she knew that somehow he was still alive. So this contact could lead her to discover the existence of this huge group, her plans and possibly the location of her secret headquarters.

Yet another fan theory has to do with Portland from The Walking: World Beyond, in which Michonne joins the survivors, to create a stage for her role in the Rick Grimes movies. If there’s a connection, that could create a path for her to show up very well from Portland, who is the most suitable and who comes into that scene.

On top of that, if the survivors from Portland left Oregon and traveled all the way to the northeastern corner of the United States, it’s possible that they crossed paths with Michoone. Admittedly, it would have been a long and tiring journey, but with such massive numbers, it’s hard to imagine anything that would be able to stop them. The caravan that was shown in The Walking Dead season 10 episode 13 may actually be in the company of the people CRM tried to destroy, Portland.

The reality is that the Rick Grimes movie will have an important development with the spin-off that ended last year, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, because it would give it an easier direction to explain everything that has happened up to now. moment in both universes of the show. Especially with Michonne’s possible presence with the Portland survivors, who could wage war against the RCM and she would use it to save Rick.