The Walking Dead: the tension between Maggie and Negan


After saving the day in the battle against the Whisperers, Maggie is officially back on The Walking Dead series. With the last episodes of the 10th season about to return, the TV Insider website talked to actress Lauren Cohan about the new chapter, called “Home Sweet Home”.

The dangers will not end in TWD

After the defeat of the Whisperers, the heroine wants to join Hershel and his new companions to the old group. According to the actress, Maggie, Daryl (Norman Reedus), Kelly (Angel Theory), Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) and Cole (James Devoti) embark on a journey to pick up Maggie’s people.

It is during this journey that the character reveals to Daryl why she went missing for so many years, but says that she is not yet ready to share everything. In addition to the exciting moment between the two friends, we will also discover that the threats are not over and that the group is being hunted.

Tense meeting between Maggie and Negan

It is no surprise to anyone that Maggie is not one of the biggest fans of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the person responsible for her love death, Glenn (Steven Yeun), still in the 7th season.

Finding out that her friends have freed the former villain from his life sentence will be like a betrayal for the character. According to the actress, the two will have a very tense meeting.

Finally, Cohan warns that Maggie’s path will be challenging after she returns after so long away. “There is a lot for her to weigh: what it means to return and what it means to deal with the consequences of having left.”

Looking forward to the next episodes? Check out the teaser below to kill some of the anxiety. The new episodes of The Walking Dead return on Sunday, February 28.


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