The Walking Dead: The real reason Lennie James walked away from the series


TheWalking Dead Walking Dead says hello and goodbye to its characters more than most shows. In fact, AMC’s zombie drama series has made a name for itself over the years for its ability – and willingness – to kill main characters in the blink of an eye or eliminate certain characters from the show for different periods of time. periods of time.

As a result, the cast of The Walking Dead has evolved quite a bit over the course of ten seasons, and fans have had to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters during that time. But the arrival of new derivatives of the original series not only made the franchise grow, but also gave the cast other opportunities.

All that said, few of The Walking Dead’s notable character departures have shocked and confused fans more than Morgan’s departure from Lennie James. The fan-favorite character left the AMC series at the end of season eight, and James joined the cast of AMC’s Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead beginning in its fourth season.

Lennie James’ departure from The Walking Dead has always baffled fans of the series. Many fans understandably assumed that James was forced to work on the spin-off, which never managed to build as big an audience as The Walking Dead.

However, it turns out that James’ departure from The Walking Dead was, more or less, entirely his decision. James revealed that although he was first pitched the idea of ​​Morgan appearing in Fear the Walking Dead by the show’s creative executives, he ultimately decided to make the transition himself.

“When they offered me the change I was really in doubt. But then I thought that the character could explore other things and grow independently.”

In other words, fans of The Walking Dead can rest easy knowing that Morgan’s departure from the flagship series wasn’t a creative decision forced on James, but one that was actually made between him and The Walking creative team. Dead. Of course, that also doesn’t mean that fans of the series have to necessarily be happy about Morgan’s departure from the series.