The Walking Dead: The Real Ending that Carl Grimes Had in Dramatic Comics


The Walking Dead comics have come to an end for a few weeks, where we are shown how different characters managed to survive to the last volume. However, fans have been talking about how the series killed Carl Grimes (played by Chandler Riggs) and how this character ended up in Robert Kirkman’s stories.

The latest issue of the comic shows how Carl, already an adult, kills a free walker, and then kills an entire group of them. Which shows that, despite the years, zombies never end and that now all the survivors must live together with them in full normality.

In the 193rd volume of The Walking Dead comics, readers saw how everything has been moving forward for several decades, in a world that seems completely ordinary. Carl has his own farm in the village when a walker passes through his fence and he kills him without a problem. But the walkers belonged to Maggie and Glen Herschel, who are furious that Carl destroyed valuable property for him, which he used on farms to scare off animals eating crops.

What really surprised the readers of “The Walking Dead” is how the story ends when Carl finds himself reading a story from his daughter’s “Trials,” telling her lines that focus on Carl’s feelings for his father. the last show of respect.

“He did all this, my father, your grandfather. Rick Grimes. This book is about him.”

In the future, which takes place in the latest comic book “The Walking Dead” 193, the world will become safer, and the walkers no longer pose the threat they used to be. Unlike the series, where Carl died from a walking bite while trying to help Siddique (Avi Nash), had a great time with his father Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and spent the last day with his sister Judith (Kayleigh Fleming).).

Without a doubt, the differences adopted in the program to complete Karl’s story are completely different from the comics, where he manages to live to the end and settle with his family in a world full of zombies, which has now become completely normal between the survivors. .