The Walking Dead: the dream of this main character


Carl was the son of the central character, Rick Grimes, and one of the youngest faces forced to band together during the zombie apocalypse. Despite being only 12 years old when the events of The Walking Dead began, Carl matured quickly.

Carl’s death also featured a dream sequence showing Negan living among the Alexandrians as an accepted member of the group. That vision finally came true at the conclusion of The Walking Dead.

After much confusion and bloodshed, Alpha and Beta were eliminated with the help of an unlikely source: Negan. Rick originally let the villain live to grant Carl’s wish in The Walkind Dead.

Negan helped a lot in the final battle against the Whisperers of The Walkind Dead, proving that he achieved total redemption. No longer in captivity, it seemed the fellow survivors finally accepted Negan as one of their own.

While Maggie may not be happy with Negan’s freedom, the rest of the community made Carl’s dream come true by acknowledging peace over revenge on The Walking Dead.

There will only be six additional episodes of The Walking Dead season 10, but the series’ eleventh and final season will also be oversized, which is a long time for a successful conclusion.

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