The Walking Dead: The character who took on the story of Rick Grimes in season 11


The Walking Dead is culminating after being on the air through the AMC broadcast network since 2010. The immense production inspired by the comic strip by author Robert Kirkman, aired last Sunday with the 12th episode of the second third of season 11, while closing the arc of one of his characters, but presenting differences with respect to the written work. (Some spoilers for part 2 of season 11)

The hit zombie series continues to make its way onto fans’ screens every Sunday with new episodes of the eleventh and final installment. Fans of The Walking Dead who have read the comics may have noticed that the character on the series, Aaron, played by Ross Marquand, took over in the most recent episode’s storyline, a role that actually falls to Rick Grimes (played by by Andrew Lincoln in the series) in the work written by Kirkman.

In this sense, although in The Walking Dead comics it is Rick Grimes who meets with Governor Milton and his New World Order, in the AMC series it was Aaron who walked Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) through Alexandria, while doing the tour after Lieutenant Governor Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) arranged for meetings between the sprawling Commonwealth organization and community leaders, including Hilltop’s Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and Oceanside’s Rachel (Avianna Mynhier).

In the television adaptation that is concluding with season 11, the representatives of the Commonwealth intend to establish a joint agreement to expand their empire, but this will depend on Maggie’s decision. In the event that they do not reach an agreement, the survivor communities will not continue to receive resources or supplies from the organization governed by Pamela.

It turns out that in The Walking Dead comics, Rick Grimes is shocked when Pamela introduces herself as the Governor. That moment, he leads the hero to remember that a villain who also used the same title of governor, was the one who cut off his hand and tortured Michonne in prison. During the tour of Alexandria, in the written story the leader of the Commonwealth asks him how she lost her hand, but in the case of the AMC drama, it is Aaron who is wearing a prosthetic.

And it is that being The Walking Dead an on-screen work inspired by comics, throughout the eleven seasons and as the history of the television adaptation develops, a series of differences are presented in relation to the original work. This does not detract from the program’s merits and has been demonstrated for more than a decade with high audience levels. One consequence of that is what will be shown beyond the AMC drama as the zombie universe expands with new spin-off shows, including Tales of the Walking Dead currently in development and Isle of the Dead spin-off. centered on Maggie and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).