The Walking Dead: The character who took on Michonne’s story in season 11


The Walking Dead is culminating after being on the air through the AMC transmission network since 2010. The immense production inspired by the comic strip by author Robert Kirkman, has just released the second third of season 11 while it is closing the arc of one of his characters, with some differences with respect to the written saga. (Some spoilers for part 2 of season 11)

The successful zombie series is presenting the new wave of episodes from season 11 on fans’ screens starting this Sunday. And fans of The Walking Dead who have wandered through the comics may have noticed that the character Yumiko, played by Eleanor Matsuura, is taking on a story in the series that corresponds to Michonne in the written work.

In this sense, the star who has given life to Yumiko on The Walking Dead for four years, admitted that her character gave continuity to Michonne’s story arc since Danai Gurira’s departure in season 10 of the show, when she went after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), after finding a clue that hinted that he was alive.

It was through an exclusive interview with Digital Spy that Matsuura said that she felt truly blessed to have taken on Michonne’s story in The Walking Dead season 11. This was said by the interpreter and Yumiko to the British medium:

“If you’ve been following the comics, then you know that the story of the lawyer in the Commonwealth was originally Michonne’s. They’ve been preparing Yumiko for that story without me realizing it, because I stopped reading the comics a while ago, it was becoming too confusing.”

The actress also added that Yumiko’s story is being extended with Michonne’s arc in The Walking Dead season 11, and that there is now a long way to go for the character who joined the ranks of the Commonwealth at the end. from season 10 of the AMC series.

“It’s such a brilliant story. It’s giving Yumiko so much more scope and so much more travel to go. I’m really grateful for that. I’ve enjoyed going on that journey, and it means I get to have scenes with characters I normally wouldn’t have paired with. You know, people like Josh [McDermitt], who plays Eugene. We started working very closely.”

The Walking Dead is scheduled to end its 11th season when the third part airs later this year. Meanwhile, the franchise began filming in early February on the upcoming Tales of the Walking Dead spin-off, set for release in summer 2022, as a way to entertain fans while they wait for the final third of the series. eight episodes with which the story of the original drama will be closed.