The Walking Dead: The actress who lied to the show so she could get her big role


The actress in charge of playing Yumiko Okumura on The Walking Dead, Eleanor Matsuura, managed to join the show during the eighth season in 2018. However, the actress has revealed during an interview what it is like to film the AMC series and what she had to do in order to get her part when she was talking to showrunner Angela Kang.

In the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 11, fans have been watching as Yumiko, Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Princesa (Paola Lazaro), and Ezekiel (Khary Payton) were no longer interested in staying in The Commonwealth. , so they have been devising a plan to escape ever since, but things have not turned out that easy for them.

During the final episodes of the first part of Season 1, more of the Commonwealth will continue to be shown, with communities of our favorite characters joining them as the episodes progress. But, one of the characters that will be a key piece for everyone is Yumiko.

The star recounted how she secured her role and what it was like to work on such a popular show as The Walking Dead. Eleanor assured that she was asked at the casting for the role what she knew about the franchise that she already had almost 10 years at the time. However, the actress herself confessed that she had never seen the show and that she had to lie.

“I just knew that a lot of really amazing British actors had traveled to do it. I knew it was great, but I never saw it.”

“I lied in my meeting with Angela and said ‘yeah, I’m a big fan’ and then I had to watch all eight seasons.”

On top of that, she also spoke in her interview about how the show positively addresses issues of inclusion and representation and how she was “proud” to play a character who is a member of the “LGBTQ+ community,” something she has become more and more like. most popular on the show.

According to the latest trailer that has been posted on The Walking Dad’s official Instagram account, viewers could see Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) questioning the morale of the team. Especially now that the team faces the added threat of the Commonwealth and its Governor, Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), who doesn’t seem to be a very nice person to newcomers.

Until now, the television network AMC has confirmed that the premiere of the second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead will premiere first on its streaming platform on February 13. While the official release date for TV will be a week later, on February 20.