The Walking Dead: Showrunner of the Show Pays Tribute to Michonne’s Actress


Just a couple of days before the premiere of the second part of the final season of The Walking Dead, the showrunner of the program Angela Kang took the opportunity to pay tribute to the actress who played Michonne, Danai Gurira, who was recently celebrating your birthday date.

One of the characters that The Walking Dead fans miss the most is Michonne, after the actress left the show during the tenth season. However, some fans are waiting for the possible return of the actress and actor Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) for the final moments of the series.

Due to the rumors of his participation in the latest episodes of The Walking Dead, fans have been aware of each of his publications, especially on his special day, birthday, which is days before the premiere of the second part. from season 11 of the show.

In fact, the showrunner of the program Angela Kang paid tribute to Danai Gurira for her birthday, wishing her the best wishes and much success in her career, however, she used photos of the character she played on The Walking Dead to congratulate her on her day. Check out the post below.

“Happy birthday to Danai Gurira the amazing, badass, and lovely Michonne from #TWD! After all, it IS Valentine’s Day so here’s some love from Michonne/Danai,” Kang wrote.

But, the post didn’t just stop there, it also proceeded to list eight reasons why it loved the actress, saying, “For bringing such warmth to the show, especially when you became the most wonderful mother to Judith and RJ.” something that caught the attention of all the fans of the showrunner for the photos and words he used with the actress.

Recall that the last time viewers saw Michonne on screen was during a flashback episode in season 10, where she was fighting Rick’s men in the woods. So far it is known that she is alive and looking for Rick, after finding clues to his whereabouts on a ship near an island, something that keeps everyone excited and excited.