The Walking Dead: Season 11’s Villain Revealed; Know Who It Is!


The Walking Dead: The villain from season 11 of The Walking Dead has been revealed. Like the Governor of Woodburry’s community, Gregory of Hilltop, and Deanna, leader of Alexandria, the new antagonist of zombie apocalypse survivors is a politician. Pamela Milton (played by The Boys’ Laila Robins) is the controlling governor of the Commonwealth, a post-apocalyptic community in the midwestern United States.

As an adherent of the old politics, Pamela’s main weapons are promises and banalities. The despot’s first official photo shows clear parallels with the version of the character that has already appeared in the comics. She appears in the picture giving a speech and wearing a fake smile.

The apparent normalcy of the scene contrasts with the blurry foreground image of a soldier’s white helmet from the new democracy — a disturbing reminder that the hints behind her smile aren’t optional.

The mayor, however, is not the kind of villain who is accompanied by the creepy thugs we’ve become accustomed to throughout the series — like Negan. Commonwealth has approximately 50,000 residents who enjoy most of the amenities that seemed lost after the global collapse.

Pamela commands a post-apocalyptic military superpower led by the fearsome Mercer, another character adapted from the comics. What should make her a great villain is her determination to recreate the ancient world in a version that has a very undemocratic caste system.

Pamela’s adult son, Sebastian Milton (still without an interpreter revealed) is the personification of hereditary privilege: he does what he wants with anyone in town, with no punishment—something that should be for everyone in the Commonwealth.

In the comics, the fragile and insatiable ego of a spoiled child leads to a tragic moment. We still don’t know what his TV adaptation will be like, but we’re certainly talking about an irritating and mean-spirited character.

The Walking Dead also released a second Commonwealth image focused on Lance Hornsby (played by Josh Hamilton), a self-promoting spokesperson for the community. Hornsby is a minor character in the comics, the local accountant. In the image, he is accompanied by a Commonwealth guard wearing white armor.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on Sunday, August 22nd. It will be the first part of a “Final Season Trilogy”. Parts two and three of the last season will only be released in 2022.


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