The Walking Dead Season 11B: Lauren Cohan pays tribute to the actor who left the drama


The Walking Dead, the zombie drama that premiered on AMC in 2010, debuted last week with season 11B through the broadcast network. With an arc of eight episodes, the series moves towards the closure of the story while the characters adjust to their destiny. During the first episode, one of them met death in his tough battle against the reapers. (Spoilers for episode 9 of season 11)

With the second wave of episodes in the final season, The Walking Dead begins to define the fate of its characters. In the premiere episode titled “No Other Way”, one of the former Saviors who later joined the group of survivors led by Maggie (Lauren Cohan), was brutally killed by the Reapers after being seriously injured. Alden, played by Callan McAuliffe, was found by Maggie in the church where she had left him alone.

This week, Lauren Cohan paid a moving tribute to The Walking Dead co-star through her official Instagram account. In the images, you can see photos that are part of the scenes where Alden is on his deathbed while Maggie stands by his side. This was written by the actress of the AMC series to accompany the images of that devastating moment at the beginning of season 11B and another behind the scenes:

“This photo sums up how [McAuliffe] made you feel. Callan, you made it easy to get disemboweled by losing Alden. I hope you all enjoyed the episode. It always feels weird to say ‘enjoyed,’ but you all know what I mean. Thanks to our team that always brings it and is the backbone of this program so that we can do what we do…”

McAuliffe is an excellent Australian actor who joined The Walking Dead during its eighth season in 2017, appearing as a Savior who defected to Maggie’s side in the Hilltop war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Alden’s performer was promoted to series regular in season 9 and his name was added to the animated opening credits in season 11 of the AMC drama.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, May 27 through AMC with the second episode of season 11B. At the same time, the zombie universe continues to expand with the start of filming on the upcoming spin-off series Tales the Walking Dead, whose cast was recently cast to play new characters.

The spin-off The Walking Dead, which will have a total of 6 episodes, will narrate independent stories that will be focused on the new characters and other established ones. So far, the director of content for The Walking Dead universe, Scott Gimple, has not confirmed which are the familiar faces that will return with these new stories.