The Walking Dead Season 11: Will there be a coup for the show’s finale?


The second part of The Walking Dead season 11 has been showing all viewers what the people who run the Commonwealth or “Commonwealth” are really like, so fans have been theorizing what will happen by the end of the show between our favorite characters and the second in command of the huge organization, Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton).

Recall that the governor of the Commonwealth is Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), while the “second” in command is Lance Hornsby. She was the one who created the community during the early stages of the outbreak. Since then, they have continued to expand, adding thousands of residents and incorporating additional communities. But, the way she did it was politically, because she came from a pre-apocalypse ruling dynasty, and her father was once a pretty powerful politician.

While Hornsby, she did not come from a well-known or wealthy family, as her father had actually worked as a chauffeur for the Miltons. To his credit, however, Hornsby was able to harness his problem-solving skills, personal charisma, gift of words, and ability to control situations to rise through the ranks to the position of Lieutenant Governor of Pamela, second-in-command of The Commonwealth.

However, as The Walking Dead Season 11 episodes go on, viewers have seen Hornsby prove to be an invaluable ally to the likes of Carol (Melissa McBride) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt), but never without a clear motive. , but it becomes increasingly obvious that he is a man of great ambition and thirst for power, so he seems to be slowly planning a coup against the Commonwealth.

But, Pamela Milton is quite aware of it, at least to some extent. Because she sees through Hornsby’s attempts to play into his desire to recruit and absorb Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside in some kind of selfless and helpful act. As Milton points out, these communities will need their own direct leadership operating on behalf of The Commonwealth. That’s a position Hornsby clearly sees himself in.

While only Alexandria has agreed to cooperate with The Commonwealth thus far, it appears that as they become a proper part of society, Hornsby will have influence and likely eventual leadership authority over her. So the fans assure that he will use his abilities to convince everyone’s favorite characters to try to carry out a coup in The Commonwealth and remove Pamela from her position.

Also, according to the rumors that have been created in The Commonwealth, there is a mysterious resistance movement that is forming within the borders. Little is known about it, but it was revealed that there are thousands of secret members and that as fans have noticed it is possible that Hornsby is the one organizing them from the shadows with the men who work for him. It only remains to wait to see the final episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead to corroborate the theory that fans have proposed.