The Walking Dead: Season 11 Will Not Be Based On Comics, Producer Says


The Walking Dead: In a recent interview with TWD Universe, broadcast simultaneously on Twitch, Denise Huth, one of the executive producers of The Walking Dead, revealed that the 11th season of the zombie series will not be entirely based on the original Robert Kirkman comics.

According to her, the story will have only a few elements related to a few dramatic arcs coming from that medium — such as characters and city names — but it will consist of a completely original narrative, something she also called a “blank slate”.

“One of the beautiful things about being able to adapt something is that the comics will always be there. This story will always exist as Robert [Kirkman] developed it,” Huth commented. “But when we make a television series based on that, considering that it’s been so many years, we’re not thinking about everything that needs to be on the screen anymore,” she continued.

“We’ve already managed to recognize some elements that fans need. This allows us to have a little more creative freedom to breathe and present new stories that are not in the comics and that, I believe faithfully, will be as exciting as the originals”, argued the producer.

The Walking Dead: 11th and final season will have great emotions for the public

Scheduled to debut on August 22 on AMC — and on August 15 on streaming AMC+ — the 11th season of the zombie series will further elevate the brutal dramatic possibilities among the main characters, especially when diverse groups are spread across the narrative targeting a few specific objectives.

“We always change things,” Huth revealed during the interview. “There are big issues that viewers already knew about in the comics and we did everything differently [in television production],” she added.

“[This season] has something very exciting for us [who produce] and for the characters, because they still don’t know how it’s going to end,” she concluded.

So don’t miss it! The latest episodes of The Walking Dead are very close to being aired on television.


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