The Walking Dead Season 11: Video teases explosive start of part 2 of the drama


The Walking Dead is reaching its conclusion with season 11. The second third of this final installment, debuted yesterday, Sunday, February 13 through the AMC + streaming platform, while other fans will have to wait until the 20th to see the premiere on the AMC network; and meanwhile, the drama offered a preview of the first minutes of the ninth episode titled “No Other Way”. (Episode 9 spoilers)

The most successful zombie franchise of the last decade moves forward with the final season of The Walking Dead. Few days left to see the arrival of new episodes, and witness the fate of fan favorites who will be making their entrance into the mega-community known as The Commonwealth.

While fans wait for next Sunday, The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 9 will pick up right where the zombie drama left off last October with the installment titled “For Blood.” And as revealed in the preview for the episode “No Other Way,” it will show everything that transpired after the events involving Leah (Lynn Collins) at the conclusion of the first third.

As happened with the premiere of season 11, again Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will be surrounded by walkers on the ground floor of the Meridian, while fighting for survival by facing The Reapers, as revealed by the clip released by the drama this Sunday during halftime of Super Bowl LVI. This previously told EW, showrunner Angela Kang:

“When we pick up, we’re almost right at the end of the [Part 1] finale. So we have the crazy contraption shooting arrows, our people are at odds with the Reapers, and so they have to work this situation out on their mission to get food and save your people.”

“So we have that, and then we also have our group back in Alexandria that’s dealing with being hit by the elements. They’re having issues with walkers, and these stories are simultaneously building to a climax, while the Commonwealth is still out there.” there. And that becomes an increasingly important part of the story going forward.”

As walkers flood Alexandria during a violent storm that threatens to rip apart the community left vulnerable by the War of Whispers, Eugene’s (Josh McDermitt) delegation finds itself far away in the Commonwealth – an outpost community that may be the last hope of Alexandria, also reveals the synopsis for part 2.

Season 11B is made up of eight episodes. It is expected that the last third will be released at the end of 2022 to complete the story. Meanwhile, the franchise is keeping the upcoming spin-off Tales of the Walking Dead in production, which is scheduled to air in the fall of this year.