The Walking Dead Season 11: The daughter of the renowned actor who participated in the series


The Walking Dead, the AMC zombie drama that is airing every Sunday with new episodes of season 11B, is heading towards its end as the story closes the respective arcs of each character. And in turn, the production of the program takes advantage of the moment to reunite father and daughter of real life on the set of the successful series.

At the beginning of the first part of season 11 of The Walking Dead, fans of the series inspired by the comics written by Robert Kirkman, could see a cameo of the son of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (interpreter of the former villain Negan) and Hilarie Burton, who played Lucile at the end of the tenth extended installment. Little Gus Morgan appeared as a walking boy in the episode titled “Out of the Ashes”.

Now, another member of The Walking Dead family appeared on the scene in episode 10 of the second third that premiered on February 20. This is Maya, the daughter of actor Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel in the AMC drama. The girl made a cameo appearance disguised as a mini Mercer in the installment that aired last Sunday in the episode titled “New Haunts.”

In this new episode of The Walking Dead, fans saw how the Commonwealth celebrates Halloween with a carnival and costume contest sponsored by Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins). Payton’s daughter played Celeste, a pageant-winning girl who arrived dressed as the mega-community’s Army General Mercer (Michael James Shaw).

Khary Payton shared a photo of his real-life daughter in a scene from The Walking Dead Season 11B Episode 10

While taking over The Walking Dead’s official Instagram account, Payton himself shared a photo of his daughter Maya on the show’s set when she made her cameo appearance for last week’s episode. As a proud father, along with the images, the interpreter of Ezequiel wrote an emotional message remembering how hard it is to be away from the family when working for a series the size of The Walking Dead. This said:

“When I got this job, my daughter, Maya, wasn’t too happy. It meant she’d be away in Georgia for most of the year. She’d say, ‘Just quit, Dad. Grown-ups quit their jobs all the time!’ She flew home as often as she could, but during the pandemic it’s been especially hard. That’s why this episode means so much to me.”

“Maya played the role of Celeste, a girl who dresses up as Mercer on Halloween. We had an amazing day. She was so professional and so committed to telling the small part of her story. She couldn’t be more proud.”

“It’s still a little hard to get used to because this pandemic is like a horrible, deadly cold that won’t go away. It just keeps lingering and that’s why we continue to take precautions,” Payton previously told ComicBook of returning to the set for the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead. “So we’re a long way from being back to normal, but I hope that by the end of the series, we’ll really be able to get together and really see each other’s faces, and finally have that reunion that we really want.”

The Walking Dead is moving forward with its 11B season, and in the meantime the franchise continues to expand with the arrival of the spin-off Tales of the Walking Dead, which recently began filming in Atlanta and is scheduled to be released in the summer of this year. A miniseries, which will reunite new characters with former The Walking Dead cast members who have not yet been confirmed.