The Walking Dead: season 11 received the final teaser


“If God exists, he will have to beg for my forgiveness”. This is the phrase seen in the short teaser for the 11th season of The Walking Dead, released on YouTube by Skybound, the company of Robert Kirkman, creator of the franchise, and David Alpert, producer of the show.

The small teaser features an image of a subway station with the message “If there is a God, he will have to beg for my forgiveness” written on the wall.

The video was shown during the episode “Splinter”, the 20th of the 10th season of the series, which aired last Sunday (21).

Check out:

This is another teaser that suggests that the New World Order, formed by the Commonwealth army, may appear in the final episodes of the series. The previous teasers released also had the same mysterious aesthetic as the most recently released.



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