The Walking Dead season 11: Negan soon killed by Maggie? Why is it impossible


The Walking Dead season 11 News: After episodes 1 and 2 energized, episode 3 of season 11 of The Walking Dead – airing on OCS in France, will he see Maggie go after Negan and kill him for good? To believe Lauren Cohan, it’s impossible. Despite her anger over Glenn’s death, the heroine would be unable to take on the big bad. Warning for spoilers.


Negan won’t have waited long to remind everyone that he is capable of having no heart. From episode 1 of season 11 of The Walking Dead, the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not hesitate to leave Maggie, his new enemy, in a galley facing the zombies with the hope of seeing her die. A logical behavior for the villain who knew he was threatened by the heroine, which could however have been fatal.

And for good reason, not only Maggie miraculously survived this betrayal, but above all, she did not hesitate to express her anger and her desire to do battle once and for all with Glenn’s murderer. We remember, the survivor said in particular, “The woman who left 6 years ago is no longer the one in front of you. There is still a small part of her in me, and that is the only one that allows you to breathe again. But I don’t know how long it will hold. So keep pushing me, Negan. I’m begging you. ”

Maggie unable to kill Negan?

Yet despite all of her threats, Maggie never actually looked genuinely ready to step up. Should we thus understand that behind her hatred towards Negan, the heroine will ultimately never be able to kill the big bad? That he can believe in his redemption? As incredible as it sounds, it is indeed possible.

While with every conversation between the two the tension is at its height, Lauren Cohan confessed that Maggie is currently bound by a code of conduct that she hopes she doesn’t have to betray, “She keeps Negan alive because she feels the need to keep alive that part of her that doesn’t kill people. That part of her that doesn’t sink into that brutal side, that ‘kill or die’ attitude. ”

Maggie’s strong will

Behavior that reminds us that of Batman facing the Joker and which should therefore protect Negan during this last season. The actress made it clear, even if it means that she will never obtain justice, her victory will be to succeed in preventing the villain from breaking what she is, “She does not say it, but I am persuaded she meant it, ‘I really hope the woman who left is going to come back. I hope she is not completely gone. I have to try things to bring her back, and one of them they are not to kill you. I won’t let you make me that person, I won’t let you do this to me. ‘It’s pretty dark, but at the same time there’s a little hope there- inside”.

Negan can therefore breathe, the sword of Damocles which hovers above his head is not held by Maggie. However, be careful, there is nothing to say that another character will not take revenge for her …


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