The Walking Dead Season 11: How Lauren Cohan’s absence changed the final story


The Walking Dead is the successful drama of the franchise that bears the same name and is inspired by the homonymous series of comics by Robert Kirkman, which premiered in 2010 through the AMC transmission network. It is currently coming to an end with season 11 while some parts of the plot are showing differences from the written work. (The Walking Dead season 11 spoilers)

The eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead is finally delivering the story fans of the series have been waiting for, the arrival of the characters in the Commonwealth. However, fans who have read the Kirkman comics and are currently watching the television drama know that the show is changing some plots despite keeping the same timeline.

Recall that The Walking Dead comics reached their conclusion a short time ago, including the Commonwealth in its history with an arc in which the survivors are immersed. A conglomerate of communities that apparently represent a great opportunity to rebuild the world.

Comic book fans are well aware that the Commonwealth-related storyline in the AMC series took longer than it should have. A story that should have advanced enough during the first part of season 11, but was delayed by the production until the second third because they included the villains known as The Reapers or Los Segadores in the narrative.

And it is that the difference between the television series The Walking Dead and the comics, is not only being presented in the arc of the Commonwealth. Maggie’s story was also affected in the series due to the absence of Lauren Cohan since the fifth episode of season 9, when she temporarily abandoned the role of her. Maggie’s absence until The Walking Dead season 10 episode 16 is still taking its toll on the plot of the drama’s final installment, which could be showing a different arc for Lauren Cohan’s character if she hadn’t left. previously.

Glenn’s widow almost had a love affair in the new episodes of The Walking Dead, but this part was cut short. The revelation was made by the showrunner of the drama, Angela Kang, when she assured TVLine that Alden, the character who was killed with the premiere of season 11B, could have been her sentimental partner, if she had assumed the role of Dante as it appears. in the comics.

On AMC’s The Walking Dead, Alden may have been the Dante of the comics, who becomes Maggie’s boyfriend. However, for the screen the drama made him a spy for the Whisperers. This was what producer √Āngela Kang said to the media:

“He is completely correct. He would be a kind of Dante-not the Dante, which we use with a different context.”

“We changed directions because Lauren left the show. We knew she would be back at some point.”