The Walking Dead: season 10 has come out a little more!


Fans of The Walking Dead will soon be able to find Daryl in season 10. AMC has unveiled an extract from the next episodes.

AMC intends to make up for it after the delay in episodes of The Walking Dead. Fans will be able to see the new episodes very soon. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Like many series, The Walking Dead has encountered some concerns because of the Covid-19. Filming was delayed and fans got to see the season finale several months after it officially aired.

So they got to see Daryl and the other characters again last October for the final episode of Season 10, Allocine echoed. This season was not short of action as Daryl killed Alpha and fans faced the departure of a star character.

Indeed, after the disappearance of Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira) chose to leave the group in order to find him. So fans were very sad when she left as she had been around since the show began.

For its part, Beta has tried to take revenge on Daryl, Carol and the other characters of The Walking Dead. She trapped them in the tower while they were surrounded by zombies.


A Certain Doom was to be the last episode of Season 10 of The Walking Dead. Still, AMC has chosen to unveil six new episodes for the season. On February 28, fans will therefore be able to see the characters again.

The purpose of the new episodes is to extend the story of the series. And for good reason, season 11 will mark the end of the show on zombies and it should take place next October. A good way to please fans during this Covid period.

Thus, AMC does not hesitate to promote these upcoming episodes on social networks. The channel has uploaded a small extract to keep fans waiting. We find Daryl, Negan and Carol who prepare to fight.

Finally, as Allociné echoed, new characters are expected in the sequel to Season 10 of The Walking Dead. Robert Patrick, known for having played in Terminator 2, will play Mays, a new character. Then, Okea Eme-Akwari will play Elijah, a member of the stormtrooper community.


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