The Walking Dead season 10: episodes take history


The additional episodes of Season 10 of The Walking Dead finally got a premiere date! On February 25, 2020, subscribers to AMC +, a platform available in the United States, will already have access to the first episode. In return, the episode will be broadcast on television on February 28.

The launch dynamics of each episode will be the same: every Sunday, a new chapter will be released in streaming, followed by television on Thursdays. There will be six weeks of release until the transmission of the last additional episode.

More details on the 10th season of The Walking Dead
The launch date was announced on Thursday (19) by AMC. In addition to the calendar, the producer also released the new actors that make up the cast of the series in the additional episodes this season.

Robert Patrick joins the cast as Mays, Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah, and Hilarie Burton Morgan as Lucille (Negan’s wife).

A few days ago, the cast of The Walking Dead also did a live reading of one of the new episodes. The full video can be seen below on Fox’s YouTube channel:

In all, there will be six new episodes that accompany the series’ survivors after the end of season 10. So far, one of the most anticipated scenes is the reunion of Maggie and Negan, scene that was in the live reading of the cast.

So, are you looking forward to the new episodes of The Walking Dead? Leave your comment below!

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