The Walking Dead: Season 10 challenges


The Walking Dead promises to return to its 11th season with more agitated episodes after a tenth year stopped and with limited production due to the pandemic. The six bonus episodes, which will begin airing on February 28, were the first to be filmed under the security protocols of COVID-19, with a cautious set made at the end of last year over a period of six weeks.

After a zombie-filled finale, aired in October, the 10th season continues with smaller-scale episodes produced from a mindset that aims at safety during the pandemic.

In the preview special for the bonus episodes, showrunner Angela Kang said that there was a mobile lab on the set, as the team obeys a series of protocols with regard to testing, cleaning of objects and equipment, and the proximity between the actors . Therefore, the episodes follow smaller groups of people and take place in more isolated locations.


Recording difficulties during the pandemic are shown in The Walking Dead: Making the Extended 10th Season

The behind-the-scenes special The Walking Dead: Making the Extended 10th Season shows the biggest obstacles during the recording of the 10th episode bonus episodes of The Walking Dead. The documented processes are currently available on AMC +, the broadcaster’s streaming service.

The documentary reveals how the team and the cast produced six episodes in six weeks during a pandemic. Since extras had to be limited, fewer zombies appeared during that part of the season. Therefore, in-depth episodes are presented in each of the main characters, such as Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride), Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The 11th season of TWD has already started filming and will be the last of the zombie series. So be sure to follow the next news!


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