The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners VR Emits Strong Vibrations of Dying Light


Announced back in January, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners- Chapter 2 has just received another game trailer, as well as confirmation that the game is heading to Sony’s exciting new PlayStation VR2. This is the third trailer released so far, and fans have been able to see quite a lot of the game in action, and while it may look a lot like the first “Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners”, it’s not that bad considering the first game. It still remains one of the best virtual reality experiences available right now for any headset.

This trailer showed a little more improvements to the gameplay of Saints and Sinners — Chapter 2 compared to its predecessor, ranging from large hordes to brighter weapons and improved physics. While “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” has managed to create a unique identity for itself, which is not an easy feat in the often oversaturated zombie genre, some fans may have noticed some similarities with another recently released zombie extermination adventure, Dying Light. 2.

Fight the Horde with creative weapons

The last three trailers of “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners — Chapter 2” have demonstrated several key features and moments that may seem quite familiar to fans of the Dying Light franchise. One of the main mechanics of Saints and Sinners is crafting, and while players can get through Dying Light by simply collecting weapons and supplies from the environment, they are strongly encouraged to craft to create the best gear and have the best. a chance of survival.

In Saints and Sinners, crafting is vital to the player’s survival. Before each tour, players are invited to make healing materials, new melee or ranged weapons, and create ammunition that they can take with them. Ignoring this crafting mechanic will lead the player to a fairly quick death.

One of the biggest similarities between Dying Light and Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is the emphasis of the games on creating unique and creative weapons. While both games have standard post-apocalyptic weapons, from hammers to knives, pistols and rifles, both Dying Light and Saints and Sinners give the player the opportunity to create more interesting weapons.

In the latest trailer for Saints and Sinners, the player can be seen holding two homemade machetes. This weapon is strikingly similar to the one the character holds on the cover of Dying Light 2, with a pointed road sign used as an improvised blade clumsily taped to a plastic handle. And then, as in Dying Light 2, the weapon is used to chop down the oncoming horde.

However, the similarities between the two games go further than just the surface mechanics: Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is very similar to Dying Light 2 in feel and pace. Its predecessor, with only some improvements, Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2 will have combat encounters that are extremely fast-paced and have high stakes.

Just like encounters with zombies in Dying Light 2, Saints and Sinners often get very stressful very quickly. Since both series of games are based on garbage collection, there is a constant high risk/reward system, which means that each death sacrifices significant progress. This then fuels the combat in the games, turning each encounter into a desperate struggle for survival. If Dying Light fans are looking for a similar experience, only in virtual reality, then The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners — Chapter 2 seems to be a great choice.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners 2 will appear in Quest 2, Rift in late 2022 and PSVR2 in 2023.