The Walking Dead: Rick’s return closer by Carol’s departure in the spin-off


With the end of The Walking Dead getting closer, the AMC television network is preparing to expand the franchise with new spin-offs. But, one of the ones that was to be played by Daryl actor Norman Reedus and Carol actress Melissa McBride seems to come to a halt after the star decided not to continue. However, fans are convinced that his departure could mean the return of former main character Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes for this reason.

According to the television network AMC, McBride’s departure from the spin-off that was being prepared for them would have to do not only with the relocation issues of the production of the new drama, but also with the return of Lincoln, because the star if you have moved to Europe.

“Relocating to Europe became logistically untenable for Melissa at this point,” AMC said of the actress.

Fans now believe that the spin-off’s European shoot could be set to allow Andrew to return to the series after the English star moved his family to London. Although the actor is preparing for the production of the Rick Grimes film, the sign of production in Europe are clear signs.

“It is very curious that the filming was changed to Europe because Andrew Lincoln will be in it. That would also explain the lack of doing anything in the Rick Grimes movies,” said one fan.

Updates from content director and writer Scott M Gimple have been few and far between since the movies were first announced following Rick’s departure in season nine. However, the fact that Andrew Lincoln is living in Europe and that the production of the spin-off for Daryl and Carol moved there, means that his return and his appearance in that new sequel is more than likely.

“I’ll bet you big bucks they moved the shoot to Europe thanks to Andrew Lincoln,” said another fan.

Also, introducing Rick in one of the upcoming spin-offs could be the perfect way to build buzz for his feature film debut, or introduce him once the movie AMC is preparing but has been held up by the COVID pandemic.

Melissa still has an open window to return to the series, but after her unexpected departure, Daryl is in desperate need of a partner to help him traverse the wasteland. Which means he could be Rick Grimes. Although they are all mere fan theories, the reality is that his return keeps everyone excited to see The Walking Dead’s main star again.