The Walking Dead: Rick movie will be violent!


Fans of The Walking Dead are eagerly awaiting the movie about Rick. The trilogy should be as violent as the series.

Fans of The Walking Dead can’t wait to see Rick again in the movies. The trilogy could prove to be as violent as the episodes of the hit series. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

The Walking Dead series has been around for almost 10 years and it is a huge success. AMC has already renewed it for a season 11 and this season should end the adventures of Daryl and Carol.

However, ahead of this season’s arrival, the channel has a little surprise for fans. In order to conclude the story well, she chose to add six episodes to season 10. These new episodes should arrive on February 28th.

So fans aren’t done with The Walking Dead yet. Besides, Scott Gimple and the other showrunners don’t want to miss out on the success of the series. Therefore, they intend to make a trilogy around Rick.

Rick said his farewell to the show in Season 9, and the character mysteriously disappeared. While Michonne has gone in search of him, we know more about the films around the character.


Despite the Covid-19 and the difficulties in filming the episodes, The Walking Dead still has the idea of ​​making films around Rick, says Ciné Séries. The public will therefore be entitled to a trilogy of films which will take place six years after the disappearance of the hero.

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So what can we really expect from films? According to ComicBook, the trilogy could prove to be more violent than the AMC series. Indeed, it could well have the sign “Hard-R”, echoes the media.

Thus, this indicates that the films will have a lot of suspense and will be violent. They will therefore only be for an informed audience – an audience that knows The Walking Dead and its shocking scenes very well.

Finally, over a year ago, Andrew Lincoln compared his character to William Munny from Clint Eastwood’s Merciless western. So, has Rick become a cold and violent serial killer? We will have to wait a little longer to find out.


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