The Walking Dead: Producer Talks About Theories and Future of Season 11


The Walking Dead: In an interview with Decider, The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang commented on the series and gave more details about the closing of the first part of season 11, revealing her vision and the reasons that stimulated the fate of the main characters.

With the rise of Leah (Lynn Collins) as the new leader of the Reapers, Daryl (Normal Reedus) ended her membership in the villain group, taking on her starring role alongside Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Meanwhile, the Alexandria Safe Zone still suffers from the aftermath of the devastating storm and tells a story of reconstruction in which “circumstances, human intervention and even the weather” put pressure on the people for better conditions.

According to Kang, Maggie’s past, especially her troubled relationship with Negan, the clash of Alexandria and the mysteries of the Commonwealth community would be the “three main pieces” that would remain in motion this season. Another detail would be the emergence of Leah as the new potential villain, who would have her “origin” story revealed and able to tell the plot of someone who got “out of control”.

“By necessity, that’s going to change, because we have a very different cast of characters than there was in the comics in this excerpt. What I found really interesting about this story is that it deals with issues like: ‘if society has fallen, what are you trying to do? rebuild?” he commented. “Once you really have the numbers to do something that’s really awesome and incredibly safe and all that, what are the assumptions you rebuild from?”

Negan and Maggie: what will happen?

Among the main theories existing on the web about the current season of the series, one of the most attention is a possible relationship between Negan and Maggie, with many fans suggesting that the contrasting construction of the characters could end in a common point between the two. However, Kang tried to deny the public and revealed that nothing but intrigues will be in the relationship.


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