The Walking Dead: Photo of Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus speculates Rick’s return


The Walking Dead returned this weekend premiering the first of eight episodes from the second third of season 11. New twists kick off a change in the landscape of the characters in the zombie drama that debuted in 2010, it’s part of what is unfolding as the original series that has captivated millions of fans for over a decade comes to a close.

Fans of The Walking Dead, with the final installment of the drama, are hoping to see their favorite hero played by Andrew Lincoln again. Rick Grimes disappeared at the end of the fifth episode of Season 9 of the series, after Jadis took him in a MRC helicopter to an unknown location while he was unconscious. Although his apparent fate was revealed in the spin-off World Beyond.

Speculation about the return of Andrew Lincoln to The Walking Dead has always been present. And now much more, after the actor appeared with Norman Reedus in a photo taken in a town in Atlanta, just where the final episodes of the 11th season of the AMC transmission network series are being filmed.

Lincoln has been photographed with his former Daryl Dixon co-star over the weekend, and a fan shared the photo on Instagram. That’s leaving many fans wondering if the Rick Grimes actor is simply returning to say goodbye to the show and enjoy the series’ closing party, or if he’s filming some new scenes as his character for the drama’s finale. AMC.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the franchise presents a big gift at the end of The Walking Dead season 11. So far, it is unknown if Rick Grimes is still alive in The Walking Dead universe, although Michonne found a clue in season 10 that hinted that he was still alive and for this reason she embarked on a journey in search of him.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in a photo from the weekend in Atlanta that speculates the return of Rick Grimes

The spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond, with its second and final season, was limited only to revealing his whereabouts. And if the character of Andrew Lincoln remains alive, without a doubt, having him back would be a pleasant surprise for the fans who have been waiting for him for a long time on their screens.

About the The Walking Dead movies that Lincoln will star in, nothing has been said again. The actor told SFX Magazine in April of last year that the pandemic had put a damper on the start of filming. However, Scott Gimple, head of content for the zombie universe, stated that the three major productions will be developed and that they were already taking the first steps. What is certain is that if Rick shows up in the final season, that could be a further setup for the movies. Andrew Lincoln admitted to the same outlet that he would definitely return for the final season of The Walking Dead if asked. This said:

“I would never say never to that because everyone who is still making the TV show is dear friends, and it is an extraordinary feat that they continue to make this beautiful and innovative show that still resonates with the world.”