The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus’ new role after Daryl Dixon in the drama


The Walking Dead, the most successful zombie drama on television that premiered in 2010, is scheduled to return to fan screens in late February 2022 with new episodes of the second part of season 11, via the American transmission chain AMC.

Ever since the series was first appreciated, fans of The Walking Dead have seen Norman Reedus bringing the warrior Daryl Dixon to life. A character who became one of the most iconic of the series along with Rick Grimes, from Andrew Lincoln. Since the latter came out, he is practically considered the soul of the show in this new story that will see its end after all 24 episodes of season 11 have aired.

As fans know, when The Walking Dead comes to an end, Reedus will star as Daryl Dixon alongside the character Carol in his own spin-off, which is currently unnamed. A spinoff series that was promised to fans of the zombie drama, but is not yet in development.

However, this is not the only leading role that sounds for Norman Reedus after The Walking Dead. The same actor is promoting through speculation his long-awaited participation in Ghost Rider for Marvel Studios. A real-life motorcycle enthusiast, the AMC drama star previously confirmed to ComicBook that he wishes to play the supernatural superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All this comes after the news broke that Marvel is about to close a deal with an actor other than Keanu Reeves to play the iconic role, and it is Norman Reedus who is sounding the most among fans, while the actor drives rumors.

It turns out that on the social network Twitter, Reedus has been favored in several publications urging the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, to cast the Walking Dead star as his Johnny Blaze. Here’s what a fan wrote in response to rumors that there is now a new Ghost Rider, and whose comment received a ‘like’ from Norman Reedus:

“The only name I want to hear for #GhostRider is Norman Reedus.”

“It’s going to be amazing to see Norman Reedus as Ghost Rider whipping people. The obvious and perfect choice to play the part.”

“Can’t say enough. Norman Reedus would be the perfect actor to play Ghost Rider! Please @MarvelStudios make him part of the MCU.”