The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Discusses Melissa McBride Leaving Spin-Off


As viewers find themselves waiting for the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11, fans are holding out hope for spin-offs to be released by AMC. However, the spin-off show that was being prepared for Carol by Melissa McBride and Daryl by Norman Reedus has undergone a big change, after it was confirmed that the actress would not participate. However, Reedus has finally addressed the issue.

During a recent interview with Norman Reedus on The Tonight Show Starring with Jimmy Fallon, the star was discussing everything that has happened since the statement confirming that Melissa McBride would not be in the spin-off, in addition to the criticism that has been generating fans against both actors of The Walking Dead.

“It’s going to be very different from the show,” Norman Reedus said of the spinoff.

In the interview, Norman Reedus assured that Melissa McBride has been playing her character just like him for 12 years in a row, so she needs some time off. However, the star offered hope to fans hoping to see more of Daryl and Carol after The Walking Dead’s finale.

“I imagine those characters will meet again at some point and I might even meet other characters in the future.”

Almost about a month ago a video of Norman Reedus was revealed where he is seen filming his last scene on The Walking Dead, so in the interview with Jimmy Fallon he was asked about everything he felt when recording his final part of the program after so many years of work. Additionally, the 24-episode season 11 took nearly a year to produce.

“A friend of mine, Jess, taught me a phrase: ‘Is it worth squeezing the juice?’ And I love that line and I said it to the group: ‘The juice of The Walking Dead has always been worth squeezing.

“A whole year, which was exhausting and you’re in the woods and you’re crying and you’re killing and you’re screaming and fighting…it’s not Succession, where you’re like on a yacht drinking caviar. We’re eating squirrels and killing each other.”

Although The Walking Dead is coming to an end, AMC’s original plan for Daryl and Carol was for them to continue, as they are some of the favorite characters on the show and fans would like to continue seeing stories from them. , either saving or killing people who are hurting others. Although to the surprise of many, his trip to Europe was something that was not planned, so the news continues to keep fans in expectations.

Interestingly, ever since news of Melissa McBride broke outside of The Walking Dead spinoff, fans have been theorizing about characters that could appear on the show to accompany Daryl on his European adventures.