The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Breaks His Silence After His On-Set Injury


The Walking Dead, the hit series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics is currently airing with season 11B. This second wave of series-concluding episodes will come to an end in early April on AMC, while the crew and cast are still filming the third third of eight episodes to wrap up the story that premiered in 2010. .

This week, news broke of an accident on the set of The Walking Dead season 11C involving one of the show’s main cast members. According to recent reports, the zombie drama actor Norman Reedus suffered a concussion during filming without explaining further details.

So far it is unknown how it happened or the cause of the workplace accident on the set of The Walking Dead season 11, but fortunately it is now known that Norman Reedus is well and recovering and that he will soon be back at work Jeffrey Chassen, the publicist for the star of the hit AMC drama, said in a statement.

News of the accident came after Norman Reedus called off his appearance at the Atlanta Fandemic Tour event scheduled for this weekend. The incident that occurred on March 11 delayed the end of filming for The Walking Dead, which has been filming the series’ conclusion in Georgia.

It wasn’t until Friday night that the actor spoke for the first time after the incident, after Walking Dead cinematographer Duane Manwiller confirmed that filming on the finale had resumed without Reedus. The star who plays Daryl on the show went to his official account on the Instagram social network to report on his health status. This he shared on his profile:

“Thanks for the good thoughts, it’s been a week or two. I had an accident. But I’m getting better, I’ve been released and I’ll be back at work on Tuesday. And I’m sorry about the Atlanta event [Fandemian Tour], I was looking forward to it.” “.

When The Walking Dead wraps up filming for season 11C, Reedus alongside Melissa McBride will embark on their roles in the Daryl and Carol spin-off, an unnamed spin-off for now, which is scheduled to premiere in 2023 on AMC, as was the Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) spinoff called Isle of the Dead.