The Walking Dead: Negan’s actor confirmed what was suspected of Glenn’s death


Since its debut in 2010, The Walking Dead has become one of the longest-running and most successful zombie drama series in international television history, as well as on the AMC channel. Throughout this plot, we have seen villains of all kinds, but the ones that most marked the viewers were “The Governor” and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). But without a doubt, Negan’s evolution has struck the hearts of more than one.

The leader of the Saviors was instrumental in the deaths of many beloved characters, including Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun). This scene, considered one of the most brutal in the show, would not have happened without Negan. Both Glenn and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) are killed after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) continues to rebel against Negan’s claim.

Without hesitation, and mocking the characters and the AMC audience, Negan took the iconic bat from him and began to murder them without remorse. These scenes were so shocking that after so many years of being broadcast on the screens, lovers of The Walking Dead continue to speak out about it.

But, it was recently discovered that it’s not just fans who have been traumatized by these ruthless deaths. As we well know, Glenn was one of the most beloved characters in this AMC drama, and even Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself agreed that this was a bad idea in the seventh season for having killed him.

“I wouldn’t have killed Glenn.” “Yes. It was probably a bad decision.”

Although the scene caused hundreds of viewers to stop following the story of The Walking Dead, the truth is that this was planned in the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, which this series is based on. Negan has become a popular, if complex, character who found some redemption at the end of the ninth installment.

Glenn’s death was even just as brutal in the comics, which is why the great mistakes of the past still resonate with Negan today, especially with Glenn’s widow, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who refuses to forgive him, especially. all when she looks at the little son she had with her husband.

Now we just have to wait for season 11, since after more than a decade of airing, this zombie drama is finally reaching its expected end.