The Walking Dead mobile game is coming

The Walking Dead series, developed by Frank Darabont, continues to appear on television screens with its ten-season collection. The series, which has become one of the important symbols of popular culture, will soon be in the final season. However, before that, the popular production will come to our smartphones and tablets as a mobile game.

Elex’s new game brings the favorite characters of The Walking Dead series to iOS and Android. The survival-themed game based on the series will officially come to mobile devices next week.

When will The Walking Dead: Survivors be released?

The anticipated The Walking Dead game will bring iconic characters who are trying to build their own community to fight zombies. Characters like Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, and Beta will shape player controls with their own special abilities. While users are trying to strengthen their cities; It will try to build sheltered areas and expand these areas.

The strategy-driven game will take shape to gather resources, build and explore. Based on the comic book and TV series of the same name, the game will feature more than 80 characters. The classic moments of the series will be re-lived in the game. In addition, the iconic places of the famous world can be visited by the players. As a clan leader, users will fight to establish order, develop the team and increase their reputation.

So far, The Walking Dead series has come up with many game adaptations. These include popular productions such as the Telltale series, Survival Instinct, Road To Survival, Overkill’s TWD, Saints and Sinners, and Onslaught. Now a new one will come among them.

The Walking Dead: Survivors game will come to iOS and Android on April 12, 2021. More than 1.5 million users have already pre-registered, according to Elex’s announcement. What do you think about this game? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.



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