The Walking Dead: Lynn Collins Reveals What We Suspected About Leah’s Return


By all accounts, The Walking Dead has been a breakneck success for AMC, and its continued high ratings are proof that the recent zombie pop culture craze was more than just a fad. However, as lucrative as the show is, it has not been without its problems.

All good things must come to an end eventually, and that goes for The Walking Dead as well. The AMC series has been bringing zombie-laden post-apocalyptic carnage to screens for 12 years, but the 11th season of the hit horror drama will be its last. Of course, it’s not really goodbye, as AMC already has a few spin-off sagas in the works that will hopefully lead to more long-term success for the franchise.

Many characters have come and gone from The Walking Dead over the years. If the creators of upcoming spin-offs take this approach, there’s a good chance some blasts from the past will one day return triumphantly to the universe.

Leah has been an antagonistic presence for our heroes ever since she first appeared on The Walking Dead. As such, there are probably a lot of fans of the series who want to see the former leader of the Reapers, and Daryl’s former flame (Norman Reedus), get what they deserve from her. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) tried to take her out of the game in “No Other Way,” but the bullet didn’t stop Leah permanently in any way. Therefore, we can only assume that she will have unfinished business with Maggie and the gang at a later date.

Now fans are wondering if Leah will return before the series concludes, but is she in the cards? Lynn Collins is optimistic about Leah’s chances of survival, and she poked fun at her reappearance in a recent interview.

“I think it’s a safe bet on this show that if you don’t get your head chopped off and you don’t get stabbed in the frontal lobe, you have a chance [to come back],” Collins revealed.

The Reapers are out of commission now, so Leah will need to bond with new allies to move forward. However, it’s worth noting that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) also ventured out alone in the same episode. Perhaps he will meet Leah on his travels and they will form some kind of alliance?