The Walking Dead Lawsuit Ends In $200 Million Settlement


The Walking Dead case is over. The lawsuit between the former executive producer of The Walking Dead and the broadcasting channel AMC has ended. Frank Darabont was the winner.

The Walking Dead is undoubtedly one of the most memorable series in television history. The series, which was very popular for a while, has a large fan base in almost every country in the world. This situation causes the series to come with a serious profit rate. However, this income is not enough for people. Producer Frank Darabont sued AMC in 2013 for profits from the zombie adaptation.

Frank Darabont, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind The Shawshank Redemption, made The Walking Dead a key figure for the series in 2010. However, after a few years, the executive producer of the series realized that his efforts were not properly rewarded. The experienced name, who immediately cut his ties with the production, took his breath in the court. Today, that court has concluded.

Frank Darabont leaves the case victorious

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC reduced Frank’s money by using accounting tricks in many episodes. However, the experienced producer, which is not easy to digest, managed to prove that he was right. Therefore, the channel agreed to pay a deal of $200 million. The news emerged as part of AMC’s report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

“This settlement provides a cash settlement of $200 million to plaintiffs, revenue sharing from future earnings from The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead,” the statement said. statements were included. Thus, the case was concluded positively for Frank Darabont. Although $200 million is quite enough, Frank’s earnings are much more.

But this is not the end. Robert Kirkman, creator of the original comic book series, still has a similar lawsuit pending. That Kirkman is similarly uncomfortable with the profits of the series. At the same time, he received a very low amount for adaptation. The case, which is expected to be resolved in the coming months, will result in some favors and remains a mystery for now.