The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and AMC defend Norman Reedus from attack by fans


The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit zombie drama that premiered in 2010, is wrapping up its long 11-season run. It was on April 10 that the television network broadcast the final episode of the second part of the latest installment, and it plans to return to the screens of fans with the third third in the fall of 2022.

While the dramatic TV adaptation of the Robert Kirkman-penned comics is coming to an end, thankfully the huge franchise is still going strong with a number of different projects, including one that was promised in 2020. Back then, when it was announced that Season 11 of The Walking Dead would be its last, showrunner Angela Kang announced a spinoff about Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

As reported Thursday, fans got the bad news that Melissa McBride will not be starring as Carol in the upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff alongside Norman Reedus. This, according to a statement from AMC, is due to logistical reasons related to the impossibility of the actress to move to Europe, the place where the series was filmed.

And it is that after the fans knew that the interpreter of Carol will not participate in the derivative project of The Walking Dead, some of them began to attack Norman Reedus through social networks, blaming him for the departure of Melissa McBride. This deserved the forceful response of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who defended his co-star of the series on twitter.

The actor who plays Negan on The Walking Dead, went to the social network to call “TOXICS”, those who intend to hold Norman Reedus responsible for McBride’s unexpected decision. Without a doubt, these are wild theories from some viewers, who have used the networks to insult Daryl’s actor.

“Some of you have gone TOO far. TOXIC,” Morgan said via Twitter.

“Attacking Norm for some sh*t he has NOTHING to do with? Melissa made a decision that was hers alone,” the Negan actor added. She wants/needs a break. She respects that. There are factors involved that are none of anyone’s business. Norm, who has given more than anyone to all of you. Just a *** da”, concluded the message of him the star of Isle of the Dead.

In this sense, the AMC chain also spoke out this Friday to defend Norman Reedus from those fans who have gone crazy with the news about the departure of Melissa McBride. The network issued a statement through its official account on the social network twitter, to support the actor and clarify the reasons why the interpreter of Carol will not be in the next spin-off of The Walking Dead.