The Walking Dead: Jacob Young Joins Season 11 Cast

The Walking Dead: The 11th season of The Walking Dead featured The Bold & The Beautiful star Jacob Young. After Covid-19-related delays led Season 10 to six bonus episodes, AMC’s long-running zombie drama is finally ready to begin its eleventh season.

With 24 episodes planned, the season will be the longest yet. From the fans’ perspective, perhaps the most relevant element of next year is the arrival of the Commonwealth, an important group of the original comics.

However, the series continues to cast new members into its already huge cast. The most recent addition is Young, who is best known for starring in the American soap opera The Bold & the Beautiful. According to Deadline, Young will play Deaver. However, that’s all that is known about his character, as more details are being kept secret.

Despite this, there is no character with that name in the comics. Therefore, it is speculated by fans that the actor may be playing a completely new character, or even that is known, but that the identity is being kept hidden behind a false name.

The arrival of the Commonwealth will bring very important figures from the comics. One of them, Mercer (Michael James Shaw), has already had his characteristic armor revealed. From that point of view, the group’s leader, Pamela Milton, has a son named Sebastian. And, in fact, Young looks a bit like the character, based on what was drawn in the comics.

Anyway, given the importance of the community to the final stretch, it seems likely that Deaver is somehow connected to this powerful group.

The 11th season of The Walking Dead will open on August 22.



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