The Walking Dead: It confirms what we suspected about Mercer and Princess in the drama


The popular series The Walking Dead is preparing to broadcast the last episodes of season 11 to close this incredible story. However, episode 15 has surprised all viewers by what happened between Mercer (Michael James Shaw) and Princess, who had been developing a curious platonic connection in the midst of their arrival in the Commonwealth (Commonwealth). However, the actress Paola Lázaro has confirmed what we all suspected.

Following the events of The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 10, fans were shocked five episodes later when Mercer and Princess are depicted lying in bed together after a romantic date. Something that could work in the long run for all the characters in Alexandria and the Hilltop with the problems that are about to occur with our favorite communities.

However, fans are desperate to find out more about what’s in store for the pair as the show moves into its final episodes. But, surely everyone will be excited by what the Princess actress said in an interview after the 15th episode aired.

During an interview for Insider with actress Paila Lázaro, she recently confirmed what we always suspected about Mercer and Princess, but that both characters were taking it a little “calmly”, because she is the newcomer and has faced various problems in which it has been sanctioned.

“I think they’re still getting to know each other,”

But, also because it’s been years since any of the characters have dared to form such a strong personal connection with another person, let alone date someone, so everyone is afraid to express what they feel or feel something for. someone and that from one day to another that person dies and becomes a zombie.

“They’re both a little scared to say, ‘Hey, I want to be with you.'”

“It’s really scary to go back to that and be transparent about your feelings. But I think they’re definitely getting closer to that after this episode,” Lazarus added.

While “TWD” fans know that nothing is guaranteed for their favorites, let alone romantic bliss, this sounds like an awfully promising idea if you like Mercess. However, fans will find out if Mercess and Princess’s happiness will last long enough amid rising tensions in the Commonwealth.

The 16th episode of the 11th season of The Walking Dead will be broadcast next Sunday, April 10 on the AMC television network, while fans who have the paid version of the AMC + platform will be able to enjoy it a few days before.