The Walking Dead: For this important reason the AMC series was almost canceled


The Walking Dead has caused a great impact on its AMC fans since its premiere in 2010, that is, almost twelve years of transmission. Of course, this zombie series has had its ups and downs and in large part they have been caused by its significant changes, and it is not for less, since such a long-lived drama always needs changes to have variety in each of its seasons.

Although it is clear that beyond being a zombie drama, The Walking Dead is based on the survival of the groups of survivors in this new apocalyptic world, which is why the zombies practically went into the background and the new enemies were won. all the spotlight.

According to reliable sources, The Walking Dead would have lost a staggering 10 million viewers by the end of its eighth season. All this is also due to the deaths or goodbyes of their favorite characters. Let’s remember that the last season of this drama was divided into three parts, so many wonder if it will once again have that great international fame of viewers that it had at the beginning.

Showrunner Angela Kang spoke about how she worked to resurrect the show in Season 9 amid all the adversity, especially the controversial departure of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The departure of the protagonist was undoubtedly an unexpected move, which is why many of the viewers ended up collapsing social networks exposing their dislikes with AMC.

No one knew how The Walking Dead would manage to continue without him, but according to Angela Kang, she managed to keep the show from being doomed to be canceled due to lack of viewers.

“It’s nice to think that people think The Walking Dead is the best it’s been in years.” “We wondered if there would be a show without Rick… but then we thought, ‘Yes, of course there can be The Walking Dead without Rick.'”

To avoid the failure of this The Walking Dead franchise, the production decided to opt for creating an ever-larger cast, as well as implementing creative decisions from seasons 9 to 11. Angela Kang chose to play with the pacing of the show. .

Although Andrew Lincoln is not playing Rick at the moment, many of the fans hope to see him later, and that is that his departure was never completely closed in the series, that is why in the past seasons, they decided to remove Michonne ( Danai Gurira), with the excuse that she went looking for her husband after finding great clues that would bring her closer to him. Apparently, the policeman will return for the next film trilogy.