The Walking Dead: Death strikes one of the most important actors in the cast


Throughout its years on the air, the story of The Walking Dead has been taking many turns, and it is not for less, since for more than a decade it has been broadcast through the screens of the AMC television channel. We have seen how many villains have tried to take over the community played by our favorite protagonists, including Paula, one of the many known villains.

Paula was played by actress Alicia Witt, who is famous for playing gritty characters with dark pasts. As we will remember, in The Walking Dead she put herself in the shoes of a woman who takes Carol (Melissa McBride) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) hostage and pays dearly for it.

Unfortunately, Alicia Witt recently suffered a great personal loss, and that is that, about a month ago, her parents were found dead inside her home. Police said there were no signs of a possible murder, and that a faulty oven could be to blame.

After this tragedy, the woman recently spoke once again about this unfortunate event, saying that the deaths could be prevented and that her parents were too stubborn to ask for help, implying that it was obviously nothing more than a culpable accident.

“I had no idea her heating had broken. I will never understand how or why they made the decision not to tell me this, not to let me help them with this. My heart is broken”.

Likewise, Alicia Witt also detailed how she found out about their death. In her story, she revealed that she had stopped knowing about her parents, apparently they were always in constant communication, and noticing her evident absence, she asked a third party for help to see how they were.

Alicia Witt traveled “quietly” to Worcester for “a beautiful service and burial, to mourn them in total privacy.” She thanked Mercadante Funeral Home for “doing everything to make this possible.”

As for the circumstances surrounding her parents’ deaths, Witt said they were fiercely stubborn and very private people. In her story, she repeated that on more than one occasion she offered them her help, she had even proposed to move, but they insisted that her daughter did not have to decide how they were going to live their lives. lives.