The Walking Dead: Carol would die on the show


In a recent interview with Looper, Scott M. Gimple, who acted as a showrunner during some seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead series, stated that the writers and producers planned to kill the character Carol (played by Melissa McBride) a few times.

The writer and producer, who left the showrunner post in season 8 and now works as a content director for the television universe of The Walking Dead, stated, however, that he would have campaigned against that decision, which in the end was not accepted.

During the interview, Gimple was asked about the remaining survivors of the series and whether there was ever a plan to kill any of them. “There was an investigation going on about Carol’s murder. It was very profound and I was against it all. Because I watched her entire trajectory, from changes related to the control her ex-husband had over Carol to become a warrior.” he explained.

The ex-showrunner also said that working with Melissa McBride until that moment was also an important point in defending the character’s permanence. “We thought that she could do all that. She could do anything, ”he added on the subject.

Gimple also revealed that, during the period in which they thought about removing Carol from the series, the production was being much talked about by the public. Regarding the character in question, he also pointed out that she needed to show viewers much more, moving from a victim to a powerful agent. “Watching her become one of the strongest people in history seemed exciting to me as a writer,” he added.

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Remember that, in the original comics of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, Carol’s destiny was death. The Walking Dead will enter its 11th season and will feature the character and Melissa McBride in the next episodes.

Carol will also star in a new series, derived from The Walking Dead, alongside her partner Daryl (played by Norman Reedus).


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