The Walking Dead: Armor of New Character of The 11th Season Gets Photo


The Walking Dead: An important character from the comics will be one of the highlights of the 11th season of The Walking Dead, which is due to debut in August 2021 on AMC. Thus, through a Twitter profile, fans can already have some idea of ​​how Mercer (played by Michael James Shaw) will be introduced in the narrative.

The backstage image shows James Shaw in the original military officer’s armor. In fact, the publication on the social network makes a comparison with the drawing of the comics and the actor’s costume, placing them side by side. Mercer is part of the huge Commonwealth city-state, which is also coming up with everything in production.

As time went on, The Walking Dead managed to surprise the audience with small details. And to close the series with a flourish – remembering that the 11th season will be the last on AMC – nothing more fair than bringing an electrifying arc for the final episodes.

Check out the backstage image with Michael James Shaw:

The Walking Dead: Season 11 will bring a major twist to the franchise

As evidenced in the teasers already released for the last season, the post-apocalyptic city of Commonwealth will have several interesting elements that will be explored throughout the episodes. The images even show an obscure subway, full of sinister messages scrawled on its walls.

Following the comics, the production has everything to provide a major turn to the franchise, considering that there are more series and films being produced to expand the narrative universe of Robert Kirkman. It is quite possible that, in this context, other characters will also appear for the first time, in addition to the military officer Mercer.

The character commands the defense forces of the region’s faction and also protects the city’s leaders. Thus, you can already see that it will be quite controversial and full of unmissable nuances.

It is worth remembering that the 11th season of The Walking Dead will feature the development of 24 episodes and, for this reason, it will conclude its saga only in 2022.

So don’t miss it! The series of zombies begins to air its latest wave of stories on August 22.


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