The Walking Dead: All About Season 11 Premiere


After much waiting, season 11 of The Walking Dead was released. The public’s expectations are high, above all, because this will be the last series of episodes in the series. The characters are about to engage in great challenges and new threats are emerging in production. The season’s release provoked some extreme emotions from fans.

So check out all the details of season 11 premiere of The Walking Dead with our recap!

The Walking Dead 11×1: The various groups spread across the universe of the zombie series

Divided into different groups, the characters are articulated to survive. After an intense war that left visible traumas in everyone, there are great challenges that need to be conquered.

Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan), Magna (played by Nadia Hilker) and Kelly (Angel Theory) locate food crates in a back room of a military base, in which a horde of zombies appears to be asleep for reasons still unknown.

They manage to get the food and Jerry (Cooper Andrews), with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Alden (Callan McAuliffe), use a pulley to lift supplies and also bring everyone who has infiltrated the base outside. The sequence takes place in a harrowing silence, in which Daryl tries to prevent anything from falling to the ground.

However, a drop of blood falls from his arm and a walker is eventually awakened. Their screams wake everyone else up. Despite this, the group’s mission is successful, as the characters manage to leave, one by one, the place, even among the zombies who are hungry for food.

The last to be rescued is Carol, who, close to being lifted, ends up noticing the presence of another box of supplies and tries to get it. Daryl gives you cover watching everything from above. In the end, everything works out, using the pulley system.

Despite this great achievement, the group realizes that they still need more supplies. This leads Maggie to think about returning to Meridian. Thus, Maggie, Daryl and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) face this journey, arriving at an old subway tunnel in the midst of a major storm. Maggie believes the way out is to follow the tunnel path, though Negan is reluctant to do so.

The episode also focuses on the group of Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and Princess (Paola Lazaro), who are being interrogated separately in the Commonwealth. Meanwhile, Maggie realizes that she may have made the wrong choice, especially when her group stumbles upon a kind of plastic-wrapped zombie cemetery.

Negan suspects that this could signal something tragic, sparking a heated argument with Maggie. With that, he decides to return, leaving everyone behind. The character realizes that they need Negan because “he knows the city”, but he is convinced to leave them.

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