The Walking Dead: Actress of the series that you did not know participated in a Marvel project


AMC’s The Walking Dead has enamored fans around the world since its release in 2010. Despite its recent controversy surrounding the final season, the show’s fanbase has remained loyal, showering the great cast with praise. constant over the years.

With an impressive 12 years on the air, multiple spinoffs, and even a new fan-favorite spinoff show in the works, it’s easy to see how the cast of such a project would constantly grow with a revolving door of actors and actresses, coming and going. . Throughout its decade on screen, viewers may have recognized several of The Walking Dead’s cast members from other successful projects.

An unusually common pipeline that the series seems to have is from zombie apocalypse survivor to star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many The Walking Dead cast members, past and new, have also starred in, made a cameo appearance, or even appeared briefly in a Marvel project. But there is

The fierce Wakandan warrior and equally fierce zombie hunter, Danai Gurira. In 2012, the Zimbabwean-American actress made her first appearance on The Walking Dead during the thirteenth episode of the series’ second season. In the series, she played the character of Michonne Hawthorne and even landed a lead role opposite Andrew Lincoln’s iconic Rick Grimes.

Danai Gurira’s last appearance on the show was in April 2021 during the twenty-second episode of the show’s tenth season in which she appears via flashback. In 2018, the actress made her first appearance in the MCU as the fearless Wakandan warrior Okoye in Black Panther.

She continued to portray the character in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and What If…? . Following the tragic passing of Black Panther protagonist Chadwick Boseman, there have even been rumors of Danai Gurira herself taking on the role of protector of Wakanda. Regarding the future of the actress in The Walking Dead franchise, many fans are waiting to know if she will appear again. Will she get together again with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).