The Walking Dead 11×9: Problems Intensify In Alexandria



The Walking Dead is going through a long hiatus and, to make fans even more anxious, AMC released this last Friday, the 8th, the preview of the 11×9 episode of the series.

In the footage of the video, we can see that the conflicts that the residents of Alexandria faced in the last episode are not likely to come to an end any time soon.

Check out the full preview!

Since its debut, the last season of TWD has brought a lot of action to the series, changing the plot direction with each new episode. And, it seems, the characters will continue to face problems before the final redemption.

So far, AMC has not revealed the name of the new chapter. However, it is scheduled to air on February 20, 2022.

The Walking Dead: Learn more about the series

The Walking Dead is an American television series produced for AMC. Viewers of the show follow a group fighting for their survival after a zombie apocalypse hits the planet.

Currently in its 11th season, TWD has amassed a large amount of fans around the world, winning several important awards in all these years it has been on the air.

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