The Walking Dead 11×3: Maggie and Negan are hunted (spoilers)


Last Sunday (5), The Walking Dead fans could follow new emotions prepared by the directors of the 11th season of the zombie series. As seen by the audience, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had a great time together, in which mistrust and trust took new directions between them.

Learn more about episode 11×3 with our full recap!

The Walking Dead: A Great Reaper-led Hunt

The titled “Hunted” continued to showcase the group’s plans to find more supplies in Arbor Hills. Thus, Maggie and Negan faced great challenges and continued on their quest. However, everything managed to get even more difficult, mainly due to the imminent encounter with the Reapers, who have murder as a hobby.

In a direct confrontation with them, Alden (Callan McAuliffe) is stabbed, while Daryl (Norman Reedus) is nearly hit by an air-tossed blade. Another Reaper appears and meets Cole (James Devoti), who ends up dying instantly. Duncan (Marcus Lewis) also suffers the consequences and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) has his leg stuck.

Daryl manages to protect Maggie with the help of Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari), but then the latter ends up being captured and disappearing into darkness. While finding herself alone, Maggie thinks as fast as she can to save herself. Upon visualizing a scythe, she attacks the group of assassins, gaining some success and walking down the road.

As she tries to take refuge, other blades are thrown towards her, but they miss her. Upon arriving at a mall, she climbs a few flights of stairs and faces new Reapers. Meanwhile, in the forest, everyone suffers from the pain of the blades and Father Gabriel notices an unmasked Reaper (Hans Christopher) who is limping. Ignoring this fact, he grabs the knife in his thigh and pulls it out.

At the mall, Maggie meets Alden, but he is attacked with a scythe. Maggie is dominated by a Reaper, but, during the melee, she manages to stab him with a glass bottle. Negan appears beside Maggie, who protects her. Alden has two cuts to his stomach, but fights for his survival.

Maggie warns about the continuity of the plan and Negan does not agree with her intentions. The two have the start of an argument, with Negan claiming he’s on her side. Maggie then orders him to help Alden. The three head towards their final destination, which is getting closer, until they are surprised by a new horde of zombies.

At this point, Negan asks Maggie to trust him, but she cannot delve into this hypothesis. Alden needs help and Negan confronts all the hikers with his new weapon. Although Maggie wants to hit the road, Negan argues that the forest is safer and Alden agrees to this, despite asking the two to leave him behind.

The episode ends with the three needing to make a decision about sticking to the plan and taking the supplies back to Alexandria. Upon viewing an abandoned church, Alden locks himself there and receives a weapon from Negan. Maggie tells her that she wants her friend to be alive when the two return.

What will happen? Don’t miss it! A new episode of The Walking Dead will air next week on AMC.


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