The Walking Dead 11×2: Episode Will Have Tension Between Mercer and Eugene


The opening of the 11th season of The Walking Dead has already attracted the attention of many viewers, raising anticipation for what is slowly developing. The promo for episode 11×2, released recently, only serves to prove this.

Less than a minute and available on YouTube, the preview shows a silent conversation between the characters Eugene and Mercer that, even with a few lines, manages to perfectly convey the tension between the two.

Check out the promo below!

What to expect from the 11×2 episode of TWD?

In the conversation of a few seconds, Mercer claims he only has two questions for Eugene; if he answers them honestly, he can quietly go out to see his friends, but the man makes it clear: if any lie or information is given halfway, he will know.

“Where is your village? And why were you at that train station?” asks Mercer in the released preview.

In addition, the new episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead should also show the continuation of the tense plot of Negan and Maggie. Could she survive the zombie attack after being abandoned by Negan and falling to her death?

In any case, during Maggie’s absence, Negan may end up taking control of things, as Daryl is also out looking for the runaway dog—and that could lead to even more trouble for him.

“Acheron: Part II” continues the story of TWD’s season 11 debut episode and brings our favorite characters on a frantic quest for survival, something increasingly difficult to achieve.